Thursday, October 18, 2007

Started playing at around 11pm last night and ended at 5 am. Bar was full of people. Celine Dion was there with some people including the Nickel's manager (Mamas or something). She asked me to play something different, anything, as long as it wasn't one of her tunes. I obliged. She complemented me on my playing.

My oriental friend was there with yet another customer.
George, the barman, brought me my Gin 'n tonic and told me that the lady's name was Noriko and she is a very expensive high class hooker. She charges like 3000 an hour according to George.
She was talking with her gentleman friend (he looked rich) and kept slyly glancing in my direction (I wonder what this means).

At about 3 am, this very attractive black lady with a tremendous figure, came in with her man (a white dude dressed very expensive) and sat by the table close to the piano. At some point in time the white guy received a call and stepped out.
This gorgeous black woman came by the piano, slipped me a hundred, and asked me to play "les feuelles mort".
I obliged. while playing she lazed by the piano giving me an excellent view of her very , very rich cleavage and started talking about random things.
Once her friend came back she went backto the table but kept glancing at me.

at about 5 am she left (the black lady) and on her way out winked at me.

Noriko, my oriental friend got up with her gentleman friend and started heading out. Noriko dropped by quickly and whispered in my ear : "you know baby, chocolate is nice but try a bit of mandarine....believe me its much better".

Noriko smiled at her escort, and walked out with him.

I got out of the place at 6 am, headed to La Cite and doze off.